A House Divided: Navigating The Walking Dead: Season Two

A House Divided: Navigating The Walking Dead: Season Two
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More than two months have passed since the release of the highly anticipated second episode of Season Two of The Walking Dead from Telltale Games. With the ability to shape the story based on the choices made in the previous episode, players can expect a unique and immersive experience. Whether you saved Pete or Nick, our walkthrough will guide you through the game, while minimizing spoilers.

New Morning – You Saved Pete

If you chose to save Pete in the last episode, your journey begins with Clementine and Pete barricading themselves inside a box truck. After regaining control, hand Pete the saw and search the truck for any useful items. Once you’re done, grab the cigarettes and offer one to Pete. As the story progresses, you’ll encounter a horde of walkers. Follow the prompts to escape and reunite with the group, unlocking the “New Morning” achievement or trophy.

New Morning – You Saved Nick

For those who chose to save Nick, your story starts with Clementine and Nick securing themselves in a room. Explore the area and move the wooden board to discover moonshine. Give Nick a bottle of whiskey and take a rest. When you wake up, talk to Nick before escaping together. Completing this section will unlock the “New Morning” achievement or trophy.

The Intruder

Regardless of who you saved, this part of the story remains the same. Talk to Carlos and Rebecca, then agree to look after Sarah. Spend some time conversing with her and keep an eye out for a stranger approaching the house. Engage with the stranger and choose your own path in the conversation. Finishing this section will earn you “The Intruder” achievement or trophy.

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Moving On

Depending on whether you saved Nick or Pete in the first episode, different people will be present at the cabin. Interact with them and answer their questions about the stranger to move the story forward. When this sequence is complete, you’ll unlock the “Moving On” achievement or trophy.

Over the Bridge

The group sets out to locate Pete or Nick. Chat with Rebecca while heading towards your destination. Once you arrive, search the area before proceeding north. Use binoculars to survey the surroundings, including the bridge, station, and ski hill resort. Sneak up on the walkers and defeat them to unlock the “Over the Bridge” achievement or trophy.

A Stranger

As you and Luke cross the bridge, walkers surround you. Help Luke climb up and fight off the approaching walkers. Afterward, encounter another stranger and choose your words carefully. This section concludes with the “A Stranger” achievement or trophy.

Old Friends

Reach the station and engage in a conversation to support Nick or stick up for him. Search the station for food and interact with Alvin. Proceed uphill and use binoculars to observe the bridge. Finally, reunite with someone from your past and earn the “Old Friends” achievement or trophy.

Past Midnight

Inside the ski resort, reconnect with Kenny and assist Walter in the kitchen. Explore the area and spend time with Sarita. Make choices freely during conversations. Unite for dinner and decide who to sit with. Get to know Walter better outside before an encounter with a familiar face. At the end of this sequence, you’ll unlock the “Past Midnight” achievement or trophy.

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Follow Kenny to the wind turbine and help shut it down. Deal with the incoming walkers and choose your weapon. As Carver’s gang arrives, navigate the resort while avoiding detection. Decide whether to go outside or give yourselves up. The choices you make will shape the story, but the outcome remains the same. Finish this episode and unlock the “Reunion” achievement or trophy.

Follow our walkthrough to make your way through The Walking Dead: Season Two – Episode Two: A House Divided. Remember, your choices matter and will shape the story in unique ways. Trust your instincts, and may survival be on your side.

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