Games Workshop Shuts Down a Major Chinese Recaster

Games Workshop Shuts Down a Major Chinese Recaster

piracy recaster recast site forge worldAnother major recaster in China is closing up shop after being contacted by Games Workshop regarding their Warhammer…

In China, a major Warhammer recaster sent out a “goodbye” message to their mailing list, stating that they would be fulfilling all orders and then shutting down…

The China Warhammer recaster known as CDR recently announced that they are:

“shutting down business for good and that a handful of people are buying all their master molds”.

A check of their website shows that it is indeed down, and from the looks of it, not coming back.

Games Workshop Shuts Down a Major RecasterIf the rumors are to be believed, the quality of models from this particular seller was better than the originals from Forge World. Unfortunately, that is all a thing of the past now.

So it appears after raising their prices on over 3000 items back in February by 20% or more in some cases, Games Workshop may have started to go after Warhammer recaster companies located in China in advance of the arrival of Horus Heresy.

A quick check of eBay appeared to turn up way fewer listings for “Forge World” and “Horus Heresy” than last week at this time. However, it is unknown if sellers have been similarly notified or if there is just a lull in listings.

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This also isn’t the first time Games Workshop has gone after recasters in China or otherwise, and recently hired an “infringements assistant” or, in military terms, a targeter to help with the task:

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“Would you like to assist in protecting Games Workshop from risk through removing infringing and counterfeit products, ensuring that our customers can continue to enjoy our products for years to come?

Reporting to our Senior Legal Counsel, you will be part of our Legal team which handles a wide range of legal matters which affect Games Workshop including infringements, trade mark and copyright protection, competitions, dispute resolution and litigation, to name but a few!

As Infringements Assistant, you will assist with all things relating to infringements. In this role, you will be monitoring websites and sales platforms to identify infringements and counterfeit products and then you will follow a structured process for removing those products, reducing counterfeit products available across all sales platforms and websites. You will create reports for the business to be discussed at monthly infringement meetings.

We are always keen to ensure continuous improvement of our processes, so you will be involved in researching and identifying new ways for Games Workshop to approach infringing and counterfeit product removal and implementing improvements to the infringements process.”

Regardless, recasts and piracy, in general, is suddenly on the rise across the hobby as a whole. Other manufacturers and independent artists have also started to take a hit as well.

What do you think of the latest Warhammer recaster getting shut down by Games Workshop?

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