Warzone Pacific released a cinematic trailer to satisfy gamers

Warzone Pacific released a cinematic trailer to satisfy gamers

The new Warzone Pacific trailer offers almost all the tourist attractions: picturesque coastlines, iguanas and intense skirmishes by air, land and sea.

A new trailer has been released ahead of the update that brings Call of Duty Warzone back to the battlefields of World War II on December 8. The trailer begins with scenes from the Caldera carnival, which includes a large tourist area, beauty and natural beauty of the island. Then planes, jeeps and soldiers rushing into battle began to appear.

Spectators can watch the action unfold across the island, showcasing Caldera’s potential in battles that feature cross-map shooting and vehicular combat. The addition of new WWII fighters will have a huge impact on land and water wars, but they can still be defeated by trucks armed with anti-aircraft guns (or other flying machines). If you don’t want to be defeated by the bullets from the planes, players can continue to search for matches in the standard Battle Royale mode instead of the new Vanguard Royale mode.

Players who own Call of Duty: Vanguard can head to Caldera starting on December 8, while everyone else will have to wait until December 9.

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