Everything You Need To Know About Wasteland 3’s Co-op

Everything You Need To Know About Wasteland 3’s Co-op

Multiplayer has traditionally been absent in inXile’s games and many classic CRPGs, but Wasteland 3 is changing the game. Now, players can venture into the post-apocalyptic wastelands of Colorado with a companion by their side. This new multiplayer mode offers Wasteland fans a fresh way to experience the game, and inXile is thrilled for players to team up and conquer new survival challenges. Here’s a comprehensive guide to Wasteland 3’s multiplayer mode.

Is multiplayer a separate mode, or can you play the full game with two players?

It’s the full game! According to game director Tim Campbell, there are no restrictions or separate campaigns for multiplayer. Wasteland 3’s multiplayer seamlessly integrates with the single-player experience.

How many players does Wasteland 3 support?

Wasteland 3 supports 2-player co-op, allowing you to embark on the game’s journey with a single companion.

How can you split up your party of rangers?

In single-player, you control up to six rangers. In multiplayer, you and your friend still command a party of up to six rangers, but you have the freedom to divide control of those heroes as you please. You can evenly distribute your heroes or assign different groups to each player. Campbell explains, “As long as you’re within the same level, you can separate and do different things. One person can get into a fight while the other person is shopping at a merchant. It’s a nice, convenient way to play.”

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Do both players need to own the game to play together?

Yes! Both players must own the game for multiplayer.

What about crossplay? Can you play Wasteland 3 with players on different systems?

Unfortunately, crossplay between platforms is not supported in Wasteland 3. However, players who purchase the game through different PC stores, such as Steam and GOG, can still team up and play together.

How will players manage their inventory in multiplayer?

Managing inventory in multiplayer has gone through various iterations, and the current system is designed for convenience. Both players share the same inventory, eliminating the need to trade items between players or worry about one player monopolizing loot. Campbell explains, “It would be as if you’re playing in single-player, but it’s two people playing it with the same pool.”

Is there matchmaking?

Wasteland 3 does not offer matchmaking. Instead, players must choose their friends before starting multiplayer. Campbell emphasizes that the game is not an MMO but designed to facilitate enjoyable co-op experiences without the hassle of finding random players.

How do game saves work in multiplayer?

When you save the game, the file is saved on both players’ systems. This means that players can continue their adventure as a single-player campaign, taking control of the entire party. Later on, they can load that save as the foundation for a new multiplayer game, allowing them to invite their friends and branch out from that point. Campbell explains, “We wanted to allow for flexibility, to allow you to play with your friends when it’s convenient, and when it’s not convenient to play by yourself.”

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