Watch Dogs Legion Unleashes a Zombie Apocalypse in London

Watch Dogs Legion launches a new mode for London full of Zombies

Are you ready to face a thrilling new challenge in the heart of London? Brace yourself, as Ubisoft is about to unleash the Legion of the Dead, a brand new mode for Watch Dogs: Legion. Prepare to navigate the once vibrant city streets, now infested with hordes of terrifying zombies. While the release date for this update is set on June 1, the developer has managed to keep this exciting mode under wraps until now.

Survive the Nightmare: Introducing Legion of the Dead

Legion of the Dead is a captivating PvE mode that promises a roguelite experience like no other. Players will embark on a treacherous journey through the chaotic and zombie-laden streets of London. To increase your chances of survival, you can team up with up to 4 companions. But beware, this is no easy task, and a carefully crafted strategy is required to collect essential items and make it to a safe retreat point.

Aiming for the Head: The Only Way to Eliminate Zombies

In this nightmarish landscape, typical zombie rules apply. To put an end to the undead menace, aim for the head. Forget about shooting them in the stomach or heart. Only precise shots to the cranium will suffice. However, there is hope even in the direst situations. Should a teammate fall victim to these abominations, you can come to their rescue and revive them.

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Unleash Your Arsenal: From Bees to Grenade-Wielding Spider Robots

To further aid in your survival, a variety of tools and resources are at your disposal. Swarm your enemies with bees, become invisible with AR cloaks, or deploy spider robots equipped with grenades. Choose your arsenal wisely and use it to your advantage as you navigate the treacherous streets of zombie-infested London.

Watch Dogs Legion Update

Alpha Testing and Beyond

At present, the Legion of the Dead zombies will be available for PC players as an exclusive Alpha test. While this provides an exciting opportunity for passionate gamers to dive into this new mode early, it is important to note that there may still be some bugs to be ironed out. Fear not, PlayStation and Xbox players, as the undead apocalypse will soon make its way to your platforms as well. Patience is key, and your chance to experience this thrilling new mode will arrive before you know it.

Prepare yourself for an immersive and adrenaline-pumping adventure as Watch Dogs: Legion introduces the Legion of the Dead. Embrace the challenge of surviving in a zombie-infested London and prove your mettle as you navigate the streets with your comrades. Are you ready to become a hero in this post-apocalyptic world? Brace yourself, because the undead await.

For more information on Watch Dogs: Legion and the Legion of the Dead mode, visit Capturing Fantasy.