What Are eFootball Points?

my konami efootball points

eFootball points are an attractive form of virtual currency used in myClub mode and transferrable between platforms, making them accessible and appealing to players of all skill levels.

For you to start earning eFootball Points, the first step should be linking your game account with your KONAMI ID. This can be accomplished either by following the prompts on screen or scanning the 2D barcode displayed.

How to get eFootball Points

eFootball Points are virtual currency used to unlock in-game items and bonuses for core titles from the PES series. Players can obtain them by playing their chosen game or participating in tournaments, then redeem them for items in myClub mode when enough points have been amassed.

Players can earn eFootball points for performing actions within the game, such as winning matches or training players. Furthermore, gold (GP) can be used to purchase players and items. You may even use this currency to renew contracts and re-sign players/managers.

Players can earn up to 200 eFootball points by signing in each day – this could take as little as 5 minutes!

Players can check their eFootball points balance and usage history via My Konami, but be mindful of an expiration date for these points – according to Konami, they expire six months after being claimed from an inbox at 23:59:59 UTC on the final day of every month at 23:59:59 UTC; this means players should redeem them quickly before their time runs out!

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How to redeem eFootball Points

eFootball Points are the virtual currency of the eFootballTM series and can be used to purchase in-game items and bonuses across platforms. Players can earn these points through core title gameplay or participating in eSports competitions; to redeem these points they must link their KONAMI ID to PES 2021 and agree to the eFootball Point Program Terms of Use before redeeming the points accumulated over time. Multiple game accounts may be linked simultaneously while only one platform account may be active at any one time.

GP and eFootball Points can both be used to acquire players and club kits in myClub mode; however, these rewards have a six-month expiration date, making it important to keep tabs on your balance so as to not lose out!

To check your eFootball Points, log onto My Konami with your KONAMI ID and view their usage history and expiration date. In addition, data linkage information can help identify which game accounts are linked with them. If your points have expired, contact Konami immediately as there may be other solutions in place that might help get them back – for instance changing game accounts could reactivate them temporarily if that fails! If they do appear expired however, here are a few strategies you could try in the meantime that might get them back:

How to check eFootball Points balance

Before redeeming eFootball Points, you must first link your game account with your KONAMI ID. You can check on this within-game by selecting [Link KONAMI ID], or on My KONAMI by going into Account Information/Linked Game Accounts on My KONAMI. After agreeing to the Terms of Use for eFootball Points you can begin redeeming them!

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eFootball Points are the in-game currency used in KONAMI’s eSports Program and provide players with various bonuses and rewards such as exclusive player items and contract renewal. You can earn them by playing core titles, tuning into competitions, or participating in events sponsored by KONAMI.

KONAMI has surprised and confused their fanbase with their introduction of an unconventional system for in-game currency known as eFootball Points in PES 2021 Mobile update. Although no explanation for these points were offered at first, the official website provided some clarity for players.

How to check eFootball Points expiration date

KONAMI has unveiled a revolutionary in-game currency system for Pro Evolution Soccer titles: eFootball Points can yield players many rewards including rare club kits and Skill/Position trainers – redeemable across multiple platforms including mobile devices.

To get started with eFootball Points, players will first need to link their game account with their KONAMI ID and agree to the Terms and Conditions of eFootball Points. Once this has been accomplished, they can begin earning points in any game supported by this system.

eFootball Points have an expiration date set at midnight on the last day of every month six months after they were first claimed from the Inbox. Players can view this date by logging into their Inbox and viewing “Expiration”.

The eFootball Points program aims to reward players for engaging with PES and its sister titles such as UEFA Champions League and eSports competitions, while also offering players bonus items in all eFootball games. Players can utilize their points on one platform before moving them across to another – this system has generally been well received among fans while some players may find its limitations confusing.