What are esports? Origin and Potential 2023

Ưu điểm của môn thể thao E-sport

electronic sports is the term used to refer to electronic sports. This is a new and special course that is attracting more and more attention from fans all over the world. With hundreds of matches held at different scales, each match attracts a huge audience. Esports has become the dream of many young people who want to become talented gamers.

What are esports games?

What are esports games?What are esports games?

electronic sports stands for Electronic Sports, it is a form of electronic sports in which professional gamers compete against each other on online gaming platforms to compete and win.

Esports matches are held in accordance with the rules, regulations, and prize systems of each game, such as League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO, Overwatch, and many more.

Esports betting has attracted the interest of many players around the world and has become a huge industry, with significant prize money and revenue.

What are the highlights of Esports players?

electronic sports It is growing at a fast pace and offers many job opportunities for professional gamers. In addition to high income, the profession of a streamer and caster is also becoming more and more popular. With a warm response from the youth, esports is becoming an industry with a strong position in the economy.

Denmark is one of the countries that thrives on esports and the industry is considered a focus. Korea also has universities that specialize in training professional esports players.

What are the highlights of Esports players?What are the highlights of Esports players?

Esports players are well trained and trained (as vietnam from taiwan), participate in tournaments and receive a living wage. The organizations provide all the necessary amenities for the players, including coaches, managers, chefs, and personal fitness trainers. Players must follow a reasonable and rigorous diet, exercise and lifestyle, similar to those of athletes.

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Although the playing time of esports players is quite short, their income is quite high. For example, Le Quang Duy (in-game name SoFM, born 1997) earns about $5,000 per month as an esports player.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Esports

Each profession, sport or subject has its own advantages and disadvantages. electronic sports It is no exception, it also has the following notable advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of electronic sports

Here are the prominent Esport advantages to remember:

  • Gamers: Participating in esports helps gamers practice agility, good reflexes, and the opportunity to earn a steady income from professional competition, as well as branding and advertising revenue.
  • Spectators and fans: Esport offers the same excitement and excitement as traditional sports. It also inspires and excites many people.
  • Entrepreneurs and investors: Esport is an area with great economic potential, from advertising to the sale of articles and shirts. Even small network stores can increase sales on big game days.

Advantages of electronic sportsAdvantages of electronic sports

Esports Limitations

There are limitations that should be mentioned when talking about electronic sports:

  • Players: Playing for long periods of time can affect the health of players, such as spinal related problems and diabetes. The age of the players is also very young and the pressure to succeed is very high. Sometimes, they are faced with having to drop out of school to fully focus on the competition. Also, to avoid negative behaviors like selling games, players need to be aware and alert, especially at a young age.
  • Spectators and fans: Exaggerating and being engrossed in esports can cause viewers and fans to neglect their core business and spend a lot of time watching tournaments. For teenagers, “cheating” with Esports can occur, causing them to mistake it for “gaming addiction”, causing inconvenience and headaches for parents.
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Esport potential in the future

At the moment, electronic sports It has become a full-fledged sport and has received substantial investment from coaches, management and public relations. Esports players can also create their own media channels, for example Livestream Gaming or share Esports knowledge by creating expert videos to share with the gaming community.

Esport potential in the futureEsport potential in the future

Esports has demonstrated its remarkable growth as an official sport at SEA Games 30 and will continue to compete at SEA Games 31 in 2022. These successes show that Esports is gaining wide, widespread recognition and growing.

With the advancement of technology, esports will continue to have many opportunities to grow and succeed in the future. The expansion of the fan community with eSports is also a positive sign for the growth of Esports. It can be said that esports is on a big and promising development path.


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