Wheel of Fortune PowerPoint Template and Tutorial (Free DIY Template & Step-by-Step Guide)

Wheel of Fortune PowerPoint Template and Tutorial (Free DIY Template & Step-by-Step Guide)
Video wheel of fortune customizable game

Picture this: a virtual wheel adorned with possibilities, rewards and anticipation building with each spin. What if I told you that you can infuse the excitement of a classic game show Wheel of Fortune right into your PowerPoint presentations? PowerPoint presentations need not always feel like a monologue; they can be a platform for engaging and memorable game sessions. Whether employed for classroom instruction, corporate training, team-building endeavors, or entertaining game nights, you are guaranteed to have a fun, engaging and mind-stimulating session with your participants.

In this article, we will share with you the step-by-step process to craft your very own Wheel of Fortune game in PowerPoint, alongside a free Wheel of Fortune PowerPoint template to get you started right away. Get ready to turn your presentations into an interactive PowerPoint experience as we embark on a journey to master the art of creating Wheel of Fortune games within PowerPoint. Your audience’s undivided attention awaits—let us make your content spin, win, and leave a lasting impression.

What is Wheel of Fortune?

Wheel of Fortune is an American TV game show created by Mery Griffin in 1975, where contestants solve word puzzles like hangman to win cash and prizes by spinning a large wheel of fortune.

Wheel of Fortune Game Mechanics

The show includes three main rounds: the toss-up round, the main game round, and the bonus round, typically involving three contestants.

Toss-Up Round

The toss-up round involves contestants buzzing in to solve a puzzle with missing letters. The first who buzzed in and solved the puzzle wins cash and starts the next round.

Main Game Rounds

In each of the main game rounds, contestants take turns to spin the wheel of fortune and call a consonant.

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If the wheel stops at:

  • Cash Wedge and the participant guesses a correct consonant, the contestant wins the cash multiplied by the number of times the consonant appears in the puzzle.
  • Prize Wedge and the contestant guesses a correct consonant, the contestant wins the wedge.

After calling a consonant, a contestant can buy vowels, attempt to solve the puzzle, or re-spin until a miss, Bankrupt, or Lose a Turn.

The final round in the main game is called “speed-up” where the host spins the wheel, and whatever the wheel lands on is the cash value each correctly guessed consonant will be worth.

Solving the puzzle or all failed attempts at solving the puzzles concludes a round. The winner of the prior round’s winner will begin the next round. If the previous puzzle is not solved, the contestant with the highest earning spin will begin the next round. The contestant with the highest earning advances to the bonus round.

Bonus Round

In the “bonus” round, the contestant is shown RSTLNE as the starting letters, and then chooses additional letters and numbers to solve the puzzle under a time limit.

Special Tokens and Wedges

In the main game, contestants get to win special tokens for right letter guesses, such as Wild Card and Gift Tag.

  • Wild Card lets the contestants retain their turn and add an additional consonant.
  • Gift Tag lets the contestants win $1,000 from a sponsor if they correctly guessed a consonant and subsequently solve the puzzle.

Round two can be a “Mystery Round” that holds two “Mystery Wedges”, one gives $1,000 per right letter, or a chance of receiving $10,000 or going Bankrupt. Round three sometimes offers lucrative prizes such as a free trip.

Benefits of Playing Wheel of Fortune Game

Playing wheel of fortune can yield benefits that are specific to the game:

  1. Engaging Learning: Playing the Wheel of Fortune PowerPoint game in the classroom can make learning interactive and engaging, enhancing retention and understanding of concepts. You can replace the cash rewards with non-monetary rewards like points, gifts, stickers or even privilege passes. Get creative!
  2. Vocabulary Building: The game involves solving word puzzles, so it is super useful for helping learners improve their vocabulary, word recognition, and language skills.
  3. Problem-Solving: The game’s puzzles encourage critical thinking and problem-solving as players analyze clues to uncover the hidden words
  4. Team Building: You can also play the game in teams or multiplayer mode to foster teamwork and collaboration as players work together to solve puzzles and strategize for victory.
  5. Reinforcement: Wheel of Fortune PowerPoint game is extremely fun and versatile. You can also use the game as a review tool to reinforce previous learning in class or training sessions.
  6. Competition and Motivation: Adding a competitive element and incentives in the classroom or workplace with Wheel of Fortune can boost motivation and long-term camaraderie.
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How to Create A Wheel of Fortune Game in PowerPoint?

Before we delve into the meatiest bit of the blog post, download this fully customizable Wheel of Fortune PowerPoint template that mirrors the Wheel of Fortune game structures, including a spinning wheel, puzzle board, and key gameplay elements

Download this Interactive Wheel of Fortune PowerPoint Template ✅

What you need:

  • PowerPoint
  • ClassPoint
    • ClassPoint’s Name Picker
    • ClassPoint’s draggable objects
    • ClassPoint’s timer
    • ClassPoint’s gamification features
Wheel of Fortune PowerPoint Template

That’s it! You have successfully crafted an interactive PowerPoint Wheel of Fortune game! Begin spinning the wheel and bestow your participants with moments of joy, laughter, and perhaps even a touch of good fortune!

You can refer to this list of 350+ trivia questions and answers, and this list of Wheel of Fortune answers for inspiration on Wheel of Fortunate PowerPoint puzzles!Pro Tip: Here is how you can easily transform any PowerPoint presentation into a gaming experience with ClassPoint.


Are you ready to spin the wheels of fun to your classroom teaching, office bonding or game sessions? By now you would have mastered the art of creating a DIY Wheel of Fortune game in PowerPoint tailored to your audience with our Wheel of Fortune PowerPoint template. We hope with every spin, you are inviting participation, fostering learning, laughter and creating memories that resonate long after the game ends.

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