When asked for a statement of charity, Do Mixi answered candidly, causing the brothers to admire and clap.

When asked for a statement of charity, Do Mixi answered candidly, causing the brothers to admire and clap.

Phrases related to “charity”, “statement” or “transparency” are the hottest keywords lately. The history of famous artists who ask for donations to charity but are not transparent in the amount of money raised and disbursed is causing talk everywhere about whether or not these people take advantage of their reputation to make money. While waiting for the authorities to intervene, there have been a number of famous names in the entertainment industry that have been named and most unexpectedly, Chief Mixi has also been called recently.

Not only is he famous as a professional streamer and loved by many netizens, but the head of the Mixi team is also known for his hard work in volunteer activities on behalf of the entire MixiGaming tribe. Recently, he also asked people to donate in the creek to help build bridges, schools in the highlands or support flood victims in the Midwest.

Mixi team is also known as active volunteer.

Specifically, during the nightly broadcast on September 6, 2021, the patriarch frankly mentioned that suspicions were being raised in many secret groups that he was not transparent, especially in the amount of 1.2 billion dong he had paid to support the flooding in the Central region. through the singer Thuy Tien (the couple Cong Vinh – Thuy Tien is the name that Internet users demand the most statements, in addition to Mr. Dam). Faced with these doubts, he frankly responded to the “ripe green”:

Today, the Boss also publicly posted a video on his Youtube channel, cut from last night’s broadcast. In it, he carefully answered all the questions from netizens related to the time his charity built a school for boys in the highlands.

Let’s hope these questions from netizens don’t affect “national streamer” Do Mixi and his Tribe’s tradition of charitable support. It’s precious that every time he does a good deed, he uses the name “MixiGaming Tribe” and not under his personal name.

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