Do Mixi Responds to Criticism: Why Thanking the “Industry” Is Justified

While enthusiastically receiving donations, they were criticized for thanking the "industry", Do Mixi refuted very convincingly.

Being one of the biggest names in the world of Vietnamese streamers, Patriarch Do Mixi’s live streams always attract a large number of interested viewers. With his excellent speaking and playing skills, he has garnered sympathy from his audience. However, there have been mixed opinions surrounding his actions on the broadcast, particularly how he thanks donors. Let’s delve into this recent controversy and see Do Mixi’s convincing response.

The Controversy: Is Thanking Like an “Industry” a Problem?

During a recent broadcast on the night of May 24, a fan complained in the chat that Do Mixi’s way of thanking donors was becoming too “industrial” and not like before. In response, Do Mixi candidly shared his viewpoint.

Personally, I think the industry is good. Industry means having a formula and optimizing it quickly. Just like showering or brushing your teeth, there are many things we do professionally in life without realizing it. For me, the industry is beneficial as it saves time.

Do Mixi’s analogy resonated with many viewers. When the amount of donations per broadcast is significant and time is limited, a swift and efficient thank-you becomes crucial. His response drew nods of agreement from his audience, finding his reasoning convincing.

Do Mixi: Responding to Criticism

The Impact of Efficient Gratitude

Upon reflection, it becomes evident that expressing gratitude in an “industrial” manner has its advantages, especially given the circumstances. The generous amount of donations received during a single broadcast, coupled with limited time, necessitates a streamlined approach. By adopting an efficient thank-you process, Do Mixi can save time without compromising his appreciation for his viewers’ support.

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Do Mixi: Graciously Thanking Donors

Overall, Do Mixi’s approach to thanking donors reflects the practicality of the streaming industry. While it may appear impersonal at first, it ultimately serves to optimize time without diminishing his gratitude. By striking this balance, Do Mixi continues to captivate his audience and deliver exceptional content.

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