While playing in a storm, the unfortunate player was struck by lightning

While playing in a storm, the unfortunate player was struck by lightning

Many people have chosen gaming as a form of weekend entertainment to relax after many stressful workdays, but if it’s a stormy day, you should reconsider your decision. Recently, a man who lives in Robertson County, Tennessee (USA), had to call an ambulance when he was struck by lightning while playing at home.

Josh Rice, deputy director of Robertson County Emergency Medical Services, told WKRN that medics received the call at 9:15 p.m. Saturday. When they arrived, they judged that lightning had most likely struck this man’s house or somewhere nearby and was shocked. through the console handle.

Fortunately, the health condition of the aforementioned player was not too bad: after receiving the shock, he still had enough strength to call an ambulance. After a thorough examination, doctors said he was not injured and did not need to be transported to a local hospital.

Karma: a player was struck by lightning while playing

This is not the first time that someone has had their console controller taken away; Last year, Karma, a professional Rocket League player, also encountered a similar problem while playing during a storm. However, he was not as lucky as this man from Robertson district: he suffered burns to his hands. The current also melted the USB port on the handle the umbrella was using. Not only game controllers but also using electronic devices during storms carry certain dangers, so readers should be more careful in cases like this to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

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