While streaming live, the beautiful streamer was shocked because a stranger broke into her house.

While streaming live, the beautiful streamer was shocked because a stranger broke into her house.

In live broadcasts, any incident can happen, many times viewers have to become reluctant witnesses of violent incidents, robberies or shootings… Recently, the Twitch audience had to once again witness a brutal robbery and destruction in the house of a streamer.​

The bad guys broke into Victoria’s house just as she was broadcasting live.

Girl_fighter or Victoria is a Russian streamer who currently has a channel with 11.8 thousand followers on Twitch. She is widely known for her live gaming videos and pole dancing. Last weekend, while Victoria was broadcasting live, a strange man suddenly broke into her house through the window and, despite the pleas of Victoria and her friends, brutally destroyed her and her computer system. then he left.

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Victoria’s live stream was interrupted after an intruder knocked over her computer, but fortunately, the streamer remained safe without injury. She started live streaming again a few hours after the horrific incident. The incident on Victoria’s live broadcast also attracted the attention of many netizens on Reddit, but there were two different opinions.

Victoria is famous for her gaming and pole dancing videos.

Some expressed sympathy for what this young Russian woman had just gone through, while others said the mistake was on Victoria’s part, and that perhaps the intruder was just an unbearable neighbor. The loud music and her screams made her rush in angrily and destroy the house. But it must be said again and again: living next to noisy neighbors is not something unusual and cannot become a legitimate reason to break in and destroy other people’s property like at school.

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