Who could Rich Kat and General Meomeo be?

Who could Rich Kat and General Meomeo be?

Recently, the fan page for the Vo Lam Truyen Ky series titles “released” 2 more clips featuring Miao Si with Strange Face: Rich Kat and Meomeo General. It can be said that the later, the more sophisticated the clues installed in this detective game that excite the players.

Rich Kat: The “golden” cat of the town TikToker

Rich Kat was introduced as the true tycoon of the Miao family, with nothing but conditions. The “big boss” mansion makes all viewers overwhelmed by its spaciousness with extremely luxurious and luxurious interior decoration and architectural style. This cat is a symbol of wealth and comfort, bestowing good fortune so that everyone is “excited” to earn money.

Not only that, Rich Kat is also a famous porter who owns a large amount of land on the dock. The real estate tycoon is also set to broadcast a live broadcast to sell land like selling vegetables, showing that he is a character with great personality and generosity. But behind the prosperous businessman there is a… “lord” of comedy, always counting on creative entertainment to promote the closing of the single.

Rich Kat makes me laugh with “cat” dishes on live broadcast

If you’re observant, viewers will discover a series of points that give away Rich Kat’s identity that the Executive Board deliberately arranged. The details of the deep voice and “every new year comes, the family wants to hear me sing” undoubtedly refers to the male singers who have hit the National Spring. That track revealed potential candidates like: Ho Quang Hieu, Noo Phuoc Thinh… Everyone has a favorite Tet music store with catchy modern tunes.

Who will be the male-voiced singer who owns the spring hit Rich Kat mentioned?

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But things are more unpredictable when most of the young people are sure that he is the male singer Ho Quang Hieu. The clue is probably in the keyword phrases “I like to play up” and “emerging salt market” that Rich Kat mentioned. by the voice spring butterfly The once popular hit is also famous on Tiktok with over 4.2 million followers. Many of his funny videos have become trends, attracting tens of thousands to tens of millions of views.

Singer Ho Quang Hieu’s TikTok Channel and Audience Predictions

Song a child’s dream The ending has left the audience indifferent because this is the song from the VLTK game series performed by Lam Truong. In the near future, the stream of doubts about Rich Kat’s identity promises to be even more exciting.

General Meomeo: Frozen on the outside, “fragile” on the inside

If Rich Kat impresses with the “royal” standard of coquetry, then General Meomeo looks brave and regal. The battle robe exudes a majestic spirit, and the living space is filled with ancient breath, a symbol of a general’s formidable heritage.

With many of the responsibilities of a pioneer in battle, the general had to diligently practice drills and sword drills. But behind the illustrious feat and the cold outside is innocence and the “pretty stray” that drives audiences wild. Meomeo spends his days in the field and at night he is as mischievous as many other cats.

If you look closely at the clip, the audience will realize that there are many signs that only male singers with “husky voices” can perform “winter” themed songs. Singers who have a strong voice and have sung love songs associated with the cold wind of winter in show business are not hard to find. Viewers can locate names like: Dam Vinh Hung (Sad Anthem, Waiting for Winter…)Tuan Hung (rainbow bridge) or Khanh Phuong (hit Scarves warm wind).


On the other hand, the actual quality of General Meomeo is metaphorical about Mr. Dam’s “king of Vietnamese music” title. Dam Vinh Hung has some pretty similar personality traits to this cat. Behind the aura of the stage, the male singer is friendly, simple and shows his love for living in harmony with nature and gardens.

Mister. Dam and General Meomeo are in sync with their joyous and exuberant souls.

People are now very confused because the suggestion at the end of the clip is to sing the song “Single song” with the same voice as Ho Quang Hieu. Coincidentally, this song was also covered by this male singer. Too many names! Will this be another valuable lead or a subtle deviation on the part of the Executive Board?


Who are the two cats that aired before with Rich Kat and General Meomeo? These are just community guesses. Currently, the fanpage of the VLTK series games has a playground to guess the name of the hidden singer. Players, actively call your friends to show your detective skills and receive valuable in-game items immediately. The event will take place until 12:00 on December 31.


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