Wild Hearts – Monster Hunter version by EA and Koei Tecmo

Wild Hearts - Monster Hunter version by EA and Koei Tecmo

EA and Koei Tecmo have released the first trailer for Wild Hearts, giving viewers a glimpse of the action RPG as well as some beautiful, dangerous and impressive monsters known as Kemono.

In Wild Hearts, the player is tasked with taming these aggressive and deadly creatures. The developer hasn’t confirmed that the final quest is to tame monsters Monster Hunter-style with traps and similar tools, or by killing them. The trailer’s narrator says that the world has collapsed because of these monsters, some the size of small mountains, others like boars covered in tree roots and wings that stalk harmless fields of Azuma flowers.

Wild Hearts is definitely inspired by Capcom’s Monster Hunter. This is shown through aspects like themes, monsters, and even weapons like katana, longsword, and bow. However, Koei Tecmo seems to be doubling down on the combat factor. Some of the above weapons come with fun surprises, like katanas with segmented blades or glowing bows with mysterious powers.

The narrator also reveals that players possess a creative spirit and over time can create new combat aids, things like wooden bombs, power transmission towers, and elaborate traps to corner the enemy.

Wild Hearts is scheduled to release on February 17, 2023 on Console and PC.


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