Winter is not cold with the “Chung Pet Chi Ton” event.

Winter is not cold with the "Chung Pet Chi Ton" event.

There are many ways for gamers to acquire the attractive Pet Gunny PC, but the most interesting one remains on the occasion of the Supreme Pet Hunt. Notably at these events, the gunner who comes to prove his dignity may receive a genuine pet or other powerful item. The “Hunting Pet Supreme – Get Heating Gifts” round released in winter will warm the hearts of players when they try to receive high-class companion pets, accumulate turns to collect attractive gifts, and thus save more memorable moments with Gunny PC during the year. end of vacations.

Hunting pets in winter with Gunny PC at:

As usual, the hunt takes place in the form of a Wheel of Luck (2,000 Coins/spin), the more Coins Gunner accumulates, the more chances he has to participate in the draw. The wheel of fortune randomly gives Gunner one of the gifts which are 5-star Fire Phoenix, 5-star Fire Dog, Ice-Transcendent Treasure, and Transcendent Quality Engraved Chest, as well as a number of other valuable gems.

In addition to the above items, the Legendary Hunter PC Artillery Statue, Ice Tiger Accessory Card, and Hunter Trophies are attractive items that appear in the spin leaderboard bonus. According to the rules of the winter hunting trip, the top 10 gunners with the most turns will be achieved: ​

  • 1st place: Fire Tiger God Accessory Card; Mythic Hunter Title; Legendary Hunter PC Gunny Statue.​

  • Rank 2: Ice Tiger God Accessories Card; Legendary Hunter Title; Legendary Hunter PC Gunny Statue.​

  • 3rd place: ice tiger god accessory card; Epic Hunter Title; Legendary Hunter PC Gunny Statue.​

  • Rank 4-5: Ice Tiger God Accessories Card (60 days).

  • Rank 6-10: Ice Tiger God Accessories Card (30 days).​

November 25 draw table

For those Gunners who were not lucky enough to receive a good reward, they can still exchange more gifts with the number of draws they had during the event period. Based on milestones 25-100-150-250, the player returns to either Da Vu or Phi Vu: Newly Released Fashion, 13 Years +5 Bracelet, Permanent Dog Card, and also 5-Star Fire Phoenix for which the Gunner has “Good character”.

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Currently, in addition to the typical rewards, Gunny PC also sends players a heating gift bag, which will definitely bring valuable treasures and randomly award legendary accessories and weapons for players to add rare equipment to their collection. More specifically, this time the Venerable Pet Hunting event brings more benefits if players accumulate more Coins, receive in-game items as gifts, and get additional rewards from the Wheel.

Details of the rewards in the heating gift bag

From now until the end of winter, these unique rewards will boost the spirit of Chicken ADCs. Fighting Games With Gunny PC, Gunner gets a true entertainment experience and then delights in taking home many extremely attractive and well-deserved gifts. In order to have a complete pet hunt, players must pay attention to follow the instructions of the Gunny PC Executive Board and follow the latest information from the home page and fan page of the game.

In addition to the Pet Hunting Round event, a new Chicken Football server has also opened, offering unique incentives when players log in or complete certain tasks.

Players can hunt Reverend Pets when doing missions in Football Chicken

Along with community care events and policies at the end of the year, the Gunny PC Executive Board is focusing on maintaining professional tournaments, giving Gunner a chance to assert himself. After 13 years of launching in the Vietnamese market, the game shows its ability to keep pace and operate stably, bringing a true gaming experience. Thanks to that, Gunny PC has attracted a large number of new and old players, forming a healthy community, ready to support each other.

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Gunny PC – The pinnacle shooter on the Vietnamese gaming market.