Wukong has bosses on par with FromSoftware’s masterpieces

Wukong has bosses on par with FromSoftware's masterpieces

Of the many games promoted at Gamescom this year, fans of the Souls genre turned their attention to Black Myth: Wukong. Since its debut in 2020, the action RPG set in ancient China and based on the popular novel Journey to the West has caught the attention of many gamers thanks to its unique style and aesthetic. While the Souls genre has become more popular in the post-Elden Ring world, many games have yet to capture the essence behind FromSoftware’s Soulsborne blockbusters. It’s too early to judge if Dark Myths can touch the “soul” of Dark Souls or Elden Ring, but for now the game can definitely compete with any FromSoftware game in terms of enemy design.

Chinese mythology is full of fascinating and unique monsters. This gives Black Mythology an advantage when it comes to building enemies in the game. Developer Game Science has combined inspiration from local cultures and innovative designs to create beautiful yet deadly enemies. And according to the latest gameplay video of the game, Black Myth has one of the best bosses in the Souls genre.

The existence of the term ‘Souls-like’ is proof that FromSoftware is considered the king of the genre. The game-making formula was pioneered by the Japanese developer with Demon’s Souls (2009) and perfected with Elden Ring, the best game of 2022, all of which have led FromSoftware’s stock price to rise significantly over the past decade. Hidetaka Miyazaki and his team strive to create the most compelling and memorable areas and enemies ever seen in video games.

There is no game that fully demonstrates the dedication of the developer quite like Bloodborne. Yharnam’s grim, Lovecraftian-esque world setting is considered by many to be the pinnacle of world design, and the enemy design is equally appreciated. Boss design like Orphan of Kos or Ludwig has earned Bloodborne its reputation, but it’s the care and attention given to the common enemies the player encounters along the way that makes the game truly excellent. . Each enemy is unique, presents players with various challenges and, above all, has an outstanding appearance.

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Game Science seems to have had success in designing monsters. Black Myth’s latest gameplay video has left its own mark. The battles against the army of tigers and dragons in the background of snowy mountains are unique and interesting. The design of the monsters in the game is also very diverse, and the player can face a variety of difficult opponents. If Game Science harnesses its potential in enemy and boss design, Black Myth: Wukong could become a good contender for the Best Game of 2024 award.