Xbox adopts a new bookmarking system to prevent malicious behavior

Xbox adopts a new bookmarking system to prevent malicious behavior

Xbox is rolling out a new negative behavior prevention system that adds transparency to the platform’s security systems. Starting today, any offending account will be suspended based on the severity of the conduct.

Once the account is marked as eight (maximum severity), the account will not be able to use Xbox social features like multiplayer, messaging, squads, and team chat for one year. Users can still access single player games and purchased content even if the account has been flagged. However, for serious violations, such as illegal activities, Xbox reserves the right to permanently suspend the account from all social activities.

After two marks, the player will not be able to access the social feature for one day, the number of days for a violation of four marks is seven days. All marks will remain in the user’s profile for six months. Xbox users can see their “stuck” history, including why they were flagged in the profile. Families will also be able to see the history of members of the same group.


The new bookmarking system is intended to improve the transparency of the Xbox security system for everyone and is a continuation of the voice reporting feature introduced last month to combat negative behavior.

Information about the leaderboard system was shared on the Xbox Wire blog by Dave McCarthy, CVP of Xbox Player Services. “We are constantly improving our safety practices and bringing more systems and tools to allow players to interact with one another in a respectful way, because everyone deserves a place to feel comfortable online, free from bullying and bullying.”

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