Yasuo is the fourth general to appear in Riot’s fighting game

Yasuo is the fourth general to appear in Riot's fighting game

Riot Games has officially confirmed Yasuo as the fourth playable character in the current build of Project L. The character reveal video gives players a full look at Yasuo’s gameplay: the champion can run through opponents with his sword, Slide between enemies to quickly change direction and perform aerial attacks and combos. Champion Design Team Lead Alex Jaffe has broken down the details of how Yasuo works.

Alex commented, “Yasuo is a master swordsman who can control the wind with his sword. This champion can flexibly start and exit combat so Yasuo has good control of everything. Also, Yasuo can outmaneuver opponents with attack combos.” air or play defense with a wall of wind.

Yasuo’s trailer also introduces the game’s other playable champions, Ahri, Darius, and Ekko. Alex Jaffe explains that: “Darius lands critical hits, dominates the midrange and doesn’t stop attacking.” Riot also showcased Ekko’s time-based dexterity, allowing players to “do it again”. control and attack from all angles.

In addition to Ahri, Darius, Ekko, and Yasuo, Riot has confirmed that some of League of Legends’ most popular champions, Jinx, Katarina, and Illaoi, will also appear in Project L. However, these champions are still in development. during the development.

Project L was first announced in 2019. This fighting game is being developed by former members of Radiant Entertainment, the studio behind the free-to-play fighting game Rising Thunder.

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