Zeros Strikes a Pose as SBTC Esports Claims Victory in Icon Series SEA Summer 2021

Zeros claimed to have taken photos to gain fame in SBTC Esports, Professor Ba immediately commented fatally

In a stunning display of dominance, SBTC Esports emerged triumphant as the champion of the Icon Series SEA Summer 2021. The team’s star player, Zeros, wasted no time in celebrating their success. Sharing a photo on their personal Facebook page alongside the New King, Zeros proclaimed, “We are the champions!” This seemingly innocent gesture, however, drew the attention of an unexpected critic.

A Battle for Supremacy

SBTC Esports had been unstoppable throughout the tournament, not losing a single match in the Playoff round. This unrivaled performance solidified their position as the strongest team in the Wild Rift arena. Their final showdown against Saigon Phantom resulted in a resounding victory, with a score of 4-1. Having dethroned Cerberus Esports, SBTC Esports claimed their rightful place as the new kings of League of Legends: Wild Rift Vietnam.

A Comment That Stings

But amidst the celebrations, the renowned Professor Ba delivered a blow to Zeros, leaving a comment that hit hard. Underneath the player’s photo, Ba Ga, as he is known, dropped two words that lingered like a poison: “Eternal punishment.” This severe judgment carried the weight of the harshest penalty ever imposed by the VCS. Zeros, born in 2000, faced a permanent ban from professional competition within the league, following a scandal that had engulfed him since April 2021.


Fans Speak Out

The aftermath of Ba Ga’s biting comment saw an outpouring of reactions from fans, expressing their thoughts on this painful situation. Some could not hide their astonishment:

  • “So evil.”
  • “Mr. Trung is too harsh with Loc.”
  • “Why didn’t you wear a mask while taking these photos? They might quarantine us all!”
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It is within this context that Zeros’ celebration took a remarkable turn, from a moment of triumph to a brush with controversy. The young player’s aspirations for fame through photography had inadvertently thrust him into a whirlwind of scrutiny.

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